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Welcome to the Medinah Park District

Easter Egg Hunt & Pancake Breakfast - Saturday, April 8 @ 10 am

Hop on down to the Medinah Park District.  Egg hunt will start promptly at 10 am, don't be late!  Come inside afterwords for a pancake breakfast sponsored by Boy Scout Troop #95.  Click here for details.

Now Hiring!  Summer Camp Counselors and Seasonal Park Maintenance Positions

Click here for application information.  Summer Camp Counselors will have a start date of approximately, May 30 and Seasonal Park Maintenance will start approximately, May 1.  Please contact Carol Healy regarding Summer Camp Counselor positions and Vince DeGrado for Seasonal Park Maintenance positions.  They both can be reached at 630-893-2560. 

Summer Camp Registration Begins!

The Medinah Park District has begun taking Summer Camp registrations for ALL camps offered, ages 3-14.  Register for the entire 9-weeks and receive $100 off your registration fee prior to May 1.  Click here for camp information or see our brochure for details.

Preschool 2017-18 - Now Accepting Registration

The Medinah Park District Preschool program offers your child a comfortable, safe and fun environment for learning.  Our program is semi-structured and focuses on developing socialization, self-confidence, fine and large motor skills as well as pre-kindergarten and kindergarten readiness skills.  The children will develop these skills at their own pace through play, craft projects, stories, songs and special activities.  Our main goal is to help your child acquire the joy of learning by attending school.  Children must be toilet trained and be the appropriate age by September 1, 2017.  Click here for additional information.

Club Kindergarten

Club Kindergarten is for participants who have A.M. Kindergarten at the Medinah Primary School.  Kindergartners will enjoy a variety of activities ranging from creative craft projects, computer activities, to active sports and other games.  Club Kindergarten will also incorporate themes and curriculum from Medinah Primary School into the program.  Students will be transported by school bus from the Medinah Primary School to the Connolly Recreation Center.  Please access our Autumn brochure for dates, times and cost.  You can register online or in person.  Please contact Carol Healy at 630-893-2560 for additional information.

2017 Summer Program Guide

The Medinah Park District's 2017 Summer Program Guide will be delivered to resident mailboxes beginning on April 24, 2017.  Individuals can register for their favorite programs via a number of different formats as of this date.  Resident and non-residents may register as follows:

  • On-line Registration (please click on the Programs link at the top of the home page to begin this process).
  • Over the Counter/Drop In Registration at the Connolly Recreation Center, 22W130 Thorndale Avenue, Medinah.
  • Mail-In Registration - Mail to Medinah Park District, 22W130 Thorndale, Medinah, IL  60157.
  • Fax in your registration to 630-893-0932.

Over the Counter registration is accepted during regular Connolly Recreation Center facility hours of 6:30 am-9:30 pm Monday-Thursday, 6:30 am-8 pm on Friday, 7:30 am-2 pm on Saturday and 9 am-12 pm on Sunday.  All registrations for programs is on a first come, first serve basis and all registration fees MUST be paid in advance of all program starting dates.

Please call 630-893-2560 regarding specific questions related to our programs and services or read your  2017 Summer Program Guide for specific starting times of your favorite programs. 

2017 Summer Program Guide features: Summer Camp and Traveling Teen Camp, Summer Dance, 2017-18 Preschool Registration, Sports Classes, General Program Classes, 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament, Autumn Youth Soccer, Adult Trips, Family Fest and more!

Thorndale Park Tennis Court Construction

As of last September, 2016 the Thorndale Park tennis court complex construction project began and will continue through the mid-spring months of 2017.  During the fall, the court complex was completely re-asphalted.  This spring, new court coloring, striping and new nets will be installed.  This work is part of the Park Districts' 2013 Master Plan park construction capital project work.  Please use our courts at Goodenough Park and Nordic Park in the interim.  Please contact Bruce Baum, Executive Director at 630-893-2560 with any questions related to this project.

Athletic Field Conditions

Soccer Field Conditions

Date: Games begin in April 2017

  • U6 - Medinah Intermediate School Field: None
  • U8 - Medinah Middle School Field: None
  • U10 - Medinah Middle School Field: None

Baseball/Softball Field Conditions

Be aware that weather conditions surfacing after the reporting time of 3:00 pm may cause certain fields and games to be cancelled or delayed.  Contact your youth or adult league in these instances for condition updates. 

Date: Games begin in May, 2017
  • Manary Park ballfield - No games scheduled
  • Riha Park ballfield - No games scheduled
  • Thorndale Park Field #1 - No games scheduled
  • Thorndale Park Field #2 - No games scheduled
  • Thorndale Park Field #3 - No games scheduled
  • Thorndale Park Field #4 - No games scheduled
  • Thorndale Park Field #5 - No games scheduled
  • Thorndale Park T-ball Field North - No games scheduled
  • Thorndale Park T-ball Field South - No games scheduled