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Welcome to the Medinah Park District


The State of Illinois has announced the awarding of $30.3 Million is Open Space Land Acquisition Development (OSLAD) grants to 87 park and recreation agencies throughout the state with the Medinah Park District being awarded $400,000.00 in matching grant monies for the re-development of Thorndale Park.  These dedicated funds are used to ensure for much needed park improvement projects that benefit communities throughout Illinois.  The Park District submitted their grant application for a project totaling in excess of $800,000.00 for park improvements at Thorndale Park.  The Thorndale Park re-development project focuses on enhancing the park's existing recreational features already on site while also encompassing new recreational components.  The project will provide a nice balance of active and passive elements, all focused on community recreation.  These park elements include a NEW 2-12 year old ADA accessible playground with poured in place surfacing, a NEW park pavilion located in the southern portion of the park, a NEW sand volleyball complex, multiple exercise/fitness stations along an in-place trail system, game court elements to include baggo, bocce and pickleball upgrades within the present tennis court complex.  Additional landscaping, park benches and trail length will be incorporated into the development.  The development will be worked on through the Fall of 2024.

Much appreciation goes out the Park Board of Commissioners and Park District staff for their tireless efforts in the attainment of this OSLAD Grant.

Bruce Baum - Executive Director          Jean Ott - President, Board of Park Commissioners



The Medinah Park District, as of February 28, 2022, has moved to a "MASK OPTIONAL" position within all Park District facilities and programs for participants, visitors and staff .   


The Medinah Park District's 2022 AUTUMN Program Guide will be made available to registrants starting Friday, July 20, 2022 via our website.  MPD resident registration for AUTUMN programs begins on August 1, 2022.  Non-resident registration begins on August 8, 2022.  All Medinah Park District residents should receive a copy of the Autumn brochure in your mailbox starting July 30, 2022 with information for Autumn, 2022 Programs, Events and Services.  For the Autumn 2022 season, individuals can register for their favorite programs via four different formats. Resident and non-residents may register as follows:

  • On-line Registration (please click on the Programs link at the top of the home page to begin this process).
  • Over the Counter/Drop In Registration at the Connolly Recreation Center, 22W130 Thorndale Avenue, Medinah is available as of August 1 on Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm.
  • Mail-In Registration - Mail your registration(s) to Medinah Park District, 22W130 Thorndale, Medinah, IL  60157.
  • Fax in your registration to 630-893-0932.

All registrations for programs is on a first come, first serve basis and all registration fees MUST be paid in advance of all program starting dates.  Call 630-893-2560 if you did not receive your AUTUMN Program Guide at your home or P.O. Box.

Please call 630-893-2560 regarding specific questions related to our programs and services or read your 2022 AUTUMN Program Guide for specific starting times of your favorite programs.   

Athletic Field Conditions    

Soccer Field Conditions/Matches  

Date:   Field conditions/playing schedule for the date of:  Fall soccer field usage - Saturday, September 17.   

  • PreK & K - Medinah Intermediate School Field:  8:00am - Medinah #1 vs. Medinah #2 
  • 1st & 2nd - Medinah Intermediate School Field:  9:00am - Medinah #2 vs. Bensenville; Medinah #1 @ Bensenville (10:00am)
  • 3rd & 4th - Medinah Middle School East Field:  11:00am - Medinah #1 vs. Glendale Heights #2; Medinah #2 @ Itasca (10:00am)       
  • 5th & 6th - Medinah Middle School East Field:   Medinah #1 @ Glendale Heights #2 (9:00am); Medinah #1 @ Glendale Heights #1 (10:15am)     
  • MANARY Park Soccer Field - NO ACTIVITY
  • Riha Park Soccer Field - NO ACTIVITY                                        


Baseball/Softball Field Conditions/Games

Be aware that weather conditions surfacing after the reporting time of 3:00 pm may cause certain fields and games to be cancelled or delayed.  Contact your youth league in these instances for field condition updates. 

ALL PARK DISTRICT BALL FIELDS are currently available for use.  The RMSBO is provided the majority of field usage during the 2022 baseball/softball season.  General public may contact the Park District for available field usage.

DATE - Ballfield conditions/games for:  Saturday, September 24, 2022.   

  • Manary Park ballfield -          No Activity for fall season.
  • Riha Park ballfield -               No Activity for fall season.    
  • Thorndale Park Field #1 -      No Activity for fall season.  
  • Thorndale Park Field #2 -      No Activity
  • Thorndale Park Field #3 -      No Activity
  • Thorndale Park Field #4 -      PLAYABLE for Sept. 24 (10:00am game) - as of 9/23/2022
  • Thorndale Park Field #5 -      No Activity for fall season.
  • Thorndale Park T-ball Field North -  No Activity