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Park District News

2020 Summer Programming Opportunities  

We invite you to spend some time with us during the upcoming summer programming sessions….take a class, enjoy our neighborhood parks with over 1.8 miles of NEW walking/biking trails, bring the family to a special event or improve your health in our Fitness Center.  We look forward to seeing you and thank you for your ongoing patronage of the Medinah Park District.  Our present line-up of program offerings is listed and can be attained via the front page of our website. 

Park District embarks on 3-year Strategic Plan

The Medinah Park District, having recently completed its 2014-2017 capital improvement Master Plan, now will turn its attention and efforts toward the completion of a 3 year Strategic Plan.  Strategic Planning is an organization’s process of defining its direction and making decisions to allocate its resources to pursue this strategy.  All agencies rely upon a well thought out, sound and precise set of directives that allow them to move toward the future with the community’s best interests at the forefront of the parks & recreation planning process.  A successful agency is one that tailors its services to meet the needs and demands of its community.

Over the past 12 months, the Medinah Park District has engaged its Park Board of Commissioners, administrative staff, the community and local business associates to create a set of strategies that will take us into the future.  We will be communicating a final time-line in the near future as relates to the publication of the plan.  The Park District, as we are certain all in the community will, looks forward to what we hope will be a highly anticipated future.

Manary Park Playground enhancement project

Medinah Park District's Manary Park playground enhancement project is scheduled to get underway during the LATE FALL/EARLY WINTER of 2019/2020 based upon acceptable weather.  The initial stages of work will include demolition and removals of the present playground with grading and excavation of the immediate area.  Eventual asphalt path work and upgraded drainage will be undertaken and late winter/early spring installation of the playground equipment and park shelter with concrete work will follow.  All general landscaping of the area will need to wait until the spring of 2020 to complete.  A few initial plan items had to be eliminated due to costs far exceeding architectural estimates (these include additional path work, some protective fencing and elimination of 1 piece of playground equipment).  The playground area will have 2 independent playscapes (a 2-5 yr. old and a 5-12 yr. old sections), a swing area and one independent piece in a smaller footprint than the present set up.  We will keep the public up to date on our progress as we move through the construction of the project.