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Commuter Parking Lots

Commuter Parking Lots at Medinah Train Station


Medinah Road (north of Irving Park Rd.) and the Metra Railroad Tracks, Medinah


The Medinah Park District operates two commuter parking lots at the Medinah Train Station, with service to and from Chicago and points both east and west.  The lot located on the EAST side of Medinah Road has over 80 spaces and is available by permit only.  The lot located on the WEST side of Medinah Road has 342 spaces and is a daily fee lot with a fee of $1.50 (cash) per day , $1.75 (credit card) per day or $2.10 (Passport phone app - Location Zone# is 60157) per day.  The Park District is presently accepting applications for parking spaces in the EAST permit lot.  Contact us at 630-893-2560 for further information.

 Commuter Lot Photo

Daily Lot (West Parking Lot)          $1.50 / day (cash/coin)   $1.75 / day (credit card)

                                                       $2.10 / day  (Passport, Inc. phone app. - Zone # is 60157) 

Permit Lot (East Parking Lot)         $30.00/month

Overnight Parking:  Commuters are allowed to park vehicles overnight during the non-winter months of April through October in both the daily and permit lots.  Winter weather and plowing requirements during the months of November 1 - March 31 do not allow for overnight parking.  Overnight parkers do so at their own risk.