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Fitness Center

Connolly Recreation Center Fitness Center   

 Medinah Park District Building/Fitness Hours  Monday - Thursday 7:00am-9:00pm; Friday 7:00am-8:00pm;  Saturdays 7:30am-12:00pm and Sundays (CLOSED).

 The Medinah Park District's Fitness Center is dedicated to fitness excellence with quality equipment and programs designed to offer the best value for your fitness dollar.  Whether your goals are to increase overall fitness, lose weight or take on an extra challenge, we are here to provide the equipment and personnel to help you achieve those goals.

The Fitness Center is a 950 sq. ft. facility with state of the art Life Fitness cardiovascular and strength equipment.  We offer personal training opportunities, personalized orientations, open gym options and full locker room and shower facilities. 

Individuals, couples, and families may join the Fitness Center on a 3 month or annual basis or may pay a daily fee to use the facility.  Join the Fitness Center and get started on a healthy future!

Membership Privileges / Amenities

  • Personalized orientation of LifeFitness equipment by appointment.
  • Locker facilities/showers for men and women.
  • Free open gym for running, walking or basketball when the gym is available.
  • Personal Trainer and Nutritionist (see below).
  • Two guest passes per year for all annual members.

Cardiovascular Equipment

  • 3 LifeFitness treadmills with heart rate monitors
  • 2 LifeFitness cross trainers (ellipticals) with heart rate monitors
  • 1 Body Craft ECT800G Elliptical with heart rate monitor
  • 1 Body Craft VR400 rowing machine
  • 1 LifeFitness lifecycle recumbent exercise bike with heart rate monitor
  • 1 LifeFitness lifecycle upright exercise bike with heart rate monitor

Strength Equipment

  • 6 stations of LifeFitness strength equipment
  • Full set of dumbbells from 3 lbs. to 50 lbs.
  • Stability balls and Exercise bands
  • 2 Incline benches

Membership Rates

                                                                               Resident               Non-Resident

  • Individual Adult (22+)                                       $134.00                $174.00
  • Individual Senior (55+)                                     $  94.00                $134.00
  • Household (3+ in same home)                        $344.00                $424.00
  • Student (14-21 years)*                                    $  94.00                $134.00
  • Corporate (per person, 2 or more)                  $134.00
  • 3-Month                                                           $  64.00                 $ 84.00

Renewal Rates (Annual)

Members renewing an annual membership on or up to 30 days before their expiration date will receive the following renewal rates:

                                                                               Resident              Non-Resident

  • Individual Adult (22 years+)                              $114.00               $154.00
  • Individual Senior (55+)                                      $ 74.00                $114.00
  • Household (3+ in same home)                         $304.00                $384.00
  • Student (14-21 years)*                                      $ 74.00                $114.00

Daily Rate

  • All individuals                                                   $    5.00               $     7.00

ID Cards - All members will be issued a fitness identification card.  This will need to be presented prior to entering the Fitness Center.  There is a $5 replacement fee if card is lost.  Proof of residency will be required to receive resident rates (tax bill, utility bill, voter registration card).

The Medinah Park District has the right to revoke or suspend any membership with or without cause and without explanation.  No refund will be given.

*Students (14-17 years) will be required to complete a fitness orientation.  Please contact the front desk to schedule this.
**All daily fee users must be 14 years and older and have a waiver signed by a guardian 18 years or older each visit.  Daily fees are paid at the front desk.
***If you do not choose to rent a locker, daily use of locker is available at no charge.  Please bring your own lock and remove it when you leave the building.  Medinah Park District is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Personal Training-
No Personal Training is currently available.  

Our certified personal trainer will design an exercise program tailored to your fitness goals, while taking your health concerns into consideration.  The trainer will also give you valuable training advice as well as the motivation to stick to your program.  All sessions are 1-hour in length.

1/2 Hour One Session = $20      1/2 Hour Five Sessions = $75     1/2 Hour Ten Sessions = $100

1 Hour One Session = $30          1 Hour Five Sessions = $125     1 Hour Ten Sessions = $200 

Nutrition & Personal Diet

 No Nutritionist is currently available

Our certified dietician will work with you on diet and food choices specifically for what you are trying to accomplish.  The dietician will give you valuable advice regarding how your workout and diet work hand in hand with one another.  You will have access to him/her throughout your commitment.  All sessions are 1-hour in length.

One Session = $35     Six Session = $175     Twelve Session = $350

TBA - Registered Dietician