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Staff Directory


Executive Director:                                                      Bruce Baum  (CPRP)

Supt. of Finance & Human Resources:                       Maria Piworski  (CPRP)

Recreation Department

Superintendent of Recreation:                                     Frank Wendling

Recreation Supervisor:                                                Carol Healy

Program/Facility Operations Supervisor:                    TBA

Receptionist:                                                               Brooks Wogelius

Receptionist:                                                               Hope Rapp

Parks Department

Superintendent of Parks:                                            Vince DeGrado

Park Specialist I:                                                        Jeremy Weres

Risk Management Department

Safety Coordinator:                                                    Mark Goode


CPRP: Certified Park and Recreation Professional

To email a staff member, use firstname@medinahparkdistrict.org, where firstname is the first name of the staff member you wish to email.  Not all staff members above have district email addresses.